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IV. Renault Club meeting, 20.5.-21.5.2000, Melnik

    More Pictures here or at Renaultclub or The Five sites

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Wow, wow, wow!

After the first meeting I thought that it was best car event ever I will attend. The next one was even better!

I already knew what I am going into. But this time I took my wife, sister and brother in law (btw. big Alfa Romeo lover) with me. They were wondering why I am so nervous as the weekend was coming. (How could I not be, when I was going to defend second overall position from last meeting?...) In the evening on Friday when we came, nothing much was happening, just some people recognized me by my car. An easy job - I had the only Cabrio at the meeting.

Everything stated on Saturday morning:

1. obstacle course                                                                                                              DSCF0083.JPG (112031 bytes)

2. Show drive through the city. A lot of people were surprised, yet impressed.         Melnik Show Drive.JPG (34161 bytes)

3. Blind folded obstacle course - what a reason to divorce. Driver had a blinded glases on his eyes, and the co-driver was telling him what to do. Picture, or even video clip will come later. Just imagine how drivers felt when they did not have an idea where they are and the co-driver tells you : "I do not go where to go" - I would be able to kill for that :-)

4. Knowledge test - what do you know about history of Renault

5. Night orientation race. Best thigh I have ever done! Griving on the narrow roads at night and still answering tricky questions - like what is the phone box number 2.3 km from this cross? Great!

And how it all finished for me? I would like to be modest but it is hard - I have won overall. It is big chalenge to win also the second meeting this year and to be a Mister Renault of Czech Republic for 2000! Let us see how it goes.

Regardless of how I finnished I would like to say - all my relatives that came with me became more nervous than me - they were so much impacted by the athmosphere of the meeting. They are already preparing for the next one and I want to see how they will be a night before:-). And why? Simply because this meeting is the best thing that can happen to the Homo Renaultis.

Big THANKS go to all organizers from Renault Club


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